Monday, May 16, 2011


I haven't written here in a long time--most of my posts have been going to my "One Once Bound" blog as God as been working in me. That doesn't mean that I've not had any musings from the Lord to write about, I've just not thought to write them down. Life's been moving fast.

Lately though, I've just been really run down with temptation, not knowing who I am in Christ, and not seeing much of a future. "Yeah, really encouraging."

I realize that in my writing, I'm very pushy. My heart pours out, and I'm very "hoo-rah, let's get up and go" with the stuff I say. I'm not saying it's not true by any means, but sometimes maybe the gung-ho attitude isn't reflective of where my heart really is overall. It's true of my heart in the moment I'm writing it, but reflectively I see what I write and realize it didn't go through in application.

So, where do we go in that? How can I write such heartfelt things, and write them in such a way that helps me and others apply it to their lives? I want to be able to see what I write about so passionately come to life in my walk with Christ, and comprehensively enough that others who walk with the Lord can do the same. Something that a lost person can grasp and take hold of when coming to Christ.

I like to end posts with a bang with a "okay, you know the truth, go live it" kind of deal I guess. In these writings, do I do that effectively, or is there something wrong with how I write?

Or is it as Jesus said, how some seeds are planted amongst thorns--the Word is received, but it's choked out and eventually dies?