Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Broken Home

A growing child has a talk with his father as he walks with him. He says "Daddy, I think we live in a broken home." To this, the father replies "Uh, no. Your mother and I have been married for many years; we're not abusive or anything." The son had little to say, as he feared to argue or even further discuss the matter with his father.

There's a thing about God's standard--it's all or nothing. This, I believe, means that the son was right. I spoke with this kid (I won't disclose his name or where he's from, or even how old he is), and he felt that if a family wasn't spending time together, laboring in love for the sake of Christ-like unity, then the family is broken.

Essentially, that means every family in this world, by God's standard, is broken. However, there's a difference between the family that refuses to make amends and grow together, and the family that works hard every stinkin' day of their lives towards being unified in Christ.

As far as how this is actually achieved, I'm unsure... however, I know, above all else, despite anything that seems unsolvable, God answers us when we call Him, and expects us to call to Him to fight the good fight against the evil one. So, if you feel your home is broken in this way, pray against the strongholds, against the division of the home and pray for unity in Christ amongst your family, that you all strive to be equally yoked in faith, and supporting of one another in love.

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